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For those weary owners, who are about to give up or contemplate relinquishing their dogs. There is hope and professional help at hand. Julie has extensive knowledge in regard to animal behaviour and the human/companion animal relationship.


Dog Training
This, not only teaches a dog to obey instructions, but teaches you how to create boundaries, routines and structures in a positive way.

Behaviour Modification for Dogs & Cats
This involves modifying inappropriate behaviour in dogs and cats. Examples of this include, but are not limited to dog aggression, gate bolting, excessive barking.

Consultations are arranged with pet owners regarding control of behaviour disorders and assistance in preventing pets from developing inappropriate behviours such as aggression, anxiety, destruction, digging, disobedience, escaping, excessive barking, fighting, inappropriate toileting, incompatibilities, manias, neuroses, phobias, self mutilation, tail chasing, etc. Julie specializes in canine behaviour.

Consultations can be arranged by simply giving her a call, alternatively e-mail consultations are also available in specific instances.