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Animal casting & Public performing


Do you want your pet to be famous?

We have a huge portfolio of famous pets that started out on our training ground.

Rocky - the Rottweiler participated in the Nissan Hardbody commercial.
Khaya - the Boerboel did the Tracker commercial.
Raine - the Rottweiler was the hero dog in the movie Tsotsi.
Cameron - the golden Retriever did the Cell C commercial.
Buddy - the boxer for the Toyota adverst.
Adam - the Rottweiler in Frank & Fearless
Yoshi - the Malamute in Against The Wild II

Farm animals for - The Bang Bang Club , District 9 , A Million Colours , Winnie and loads more.


We are able to cast, handle and wrangle many species of animals for public performing. We are able to train for a specified performance, if necessary.

We have three licensed wranglers available.