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Participation at our dog school aims to provide you and your dog with an enjoyable and positive learning experience. The intention of puppy school/socialization is not to allow rough or aggressive "free for all" play, but to introduce puppies to a consistent routine, social structure and environment that they clearly understand.

We are committed to providing the best service possible and specialize with domestic obedience and personal protection. The duration of training is dependent on the dog's ability and the owner's positive and consistent participation. Experience predicts that probably about three to six months of training lessons will ensure your dog is well behaved at home. However, training is an ongoing process in that it provides the dog with coping skills, stimulation, human/animal interaction as well as a fun enjoyable outing.

We expect our dog handlers to commit themselves to spending time and doing homework every day, to ensure that learning is established by consistent repetition.

We provide group and private dog training lessons. The group lessons are on a monthly basis and run for four weeks, so where there are five Tuesdays or Saturdays in a month, the fifth one will be a NO training day. From time to time, we choose a convenient day not to train, but handlers are informed well in advance.

New enrolments can ONLY begin on the first Tuesday or Saturday of the month. We usually have between two and ten dogs in the junior groups. When you enroll, you will be required to show your pet's vaccination certificate, which must be current, so please arrive 20 minutes earlier on the day, to complete the paper work.


Our advanced class maintains a group of well trained dogs, who enjoy the social outing.


Training Times:

Our group training sessions are held at the The Dog Club every Tuesday evening at the following times:
Puppies, Junior, Intermediate and Advanced : 5:30pm to 6:15pm
Special class: For the handler who feels he needs individual, extra time in obedience or manwork (by appointment only and an additional fee applies);

Saturday Mornings:
Junior and Intermediate : 8:30am to 9:15am
Socialisation: All welcome 9:15am to 9:30am
Advanced obedience and manwork 9:30am to 10:15am

The cost of dog training is R550,00 per month for all levels, which is payable strictly in advance on the first lesson of each month. Should you prefer to pay lesson by lesson, the costs thereof is R200,00 per lesson payable on the day.
Regrettably payments are not refundable.

We do have credit card facilities.


Private Training : R350 - R550
Behaviour modification: R 550 - R950

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